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Return Policy

If the order is successfully completed (after the payment is completed), the company will not accept any cancellation or modification request.

After the goods are sent, our company does not provide return or exchange service. When shipping, the company will do its best to ensure the quality of the goods, but the company cannot guarantee that the goods will not be damaged in the delivery process, so customers who choose to mail must bear the relevant risks.

If the goods received by the customer do not match the goods stated on the order, please contact our company’s customer service colleagues and provide relevant certificates (such as order number, photos of received goods, delivery note number, etc.), and check After passing the information, we will arrange to replace the goods.

Under the above circumstances, customers need to keep all packaging and accessories of the goods to be returned, and ensure that all packaging is returned in good condition. The goods must be kept intact and used unopened without affecting secondary sales. If it is opened for use, or damaged or smeared, it cannot be returned.

The company reserves the right to make the final decision on returns and exchanges.

Refunds are only limited to the case of "out of stock after ordering".

If this happens, we will contact the customer, obtain the customer's bank account information, and return the order payment by transfer.

Before we return or exchange, we must check and verify the returned goods. If we find that the situation does not meet the above return rules, all returned goods will not be returned.

When returning the goods, the original order shipping and processing costs (if any) will be borne by the customer. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If your returned goods come with promotional gifts or special purchase goods, you must also return the goods together, otherwise the return will not be processed.

If it is found that the returned product does not meet the company’s return policy, it will not be processed. Sorry for the inconvenience.